Weight Loss Success Story-Lenora

Young Again: Grandma Loses 80 Pounds

It’s never too late to start over. At 76-years-young, Lenora S. knows this truism all too well. She’s a grandmother who had let fast food, cakes, pies and inactivity get the best of her, but she knew she had to make a change.

All the extra weight became too much for her body, forcing her to undergo five joint-replacement surgeries. Lenora’s weight had climbed to more than 250 pounds, and her doctor ordered her to lose weight.

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So that’s what she did.

“I tried several different things, like Weight Watchers, and I would lose weight but I would always gain it right back,” Lenora said.

She grew frustrated and tired. Then a friend recommended eDiets.

“I didn’t get enough support from the other programs, eDiets gave me support every day,” Lenora says.

Once-a-week meetings were not enough for Lenora, who was living alone. She needed support in the evenings. eDiets gave her that. She could hop on the Internet, join a support board or online meeting and get the support she needed — immediately.

Almost two years later, Lenora has lost more than 80 pounds.

“I’m more active and much healthier. Before joining (eDiets), I felt like I was always going to the doctor, but I haven’t been to the doctor for being sick in over a year. I’m really much healthier.”

Lenora found a new way to eat and exercise, and a new way to live. She gave up the cakes and pies she loved, kicking fast food to the curb. She also made simple changes like switching from white bread to whole wheat.

“My favorite part of the program is the recipes, which can be made in a one-serving portion, making just enough. If I make too much, I eat too much.”

Finding the right plan
Lenora enrolled in the GI Diet  and it seemed to make a different from the get-go. The meals were satisfying and never left her feeling hungry she explains.

“At first it was kind of difficult to get everything changed around, remove junk food from the house and find grocery stores that carried healthier food. But it got easier over time.”

Lenora stopped craving the junk, and when she did, she could go to the support groups to talk to people going through the same things for advice and guidance. She also gained confidence and motivation with the help of friends and family.

“People noticed my weight loss right away, and it made me feel great,” she says.

Now her goal is to keep the weight off, because people are “always offering me food — temptation is everywhere.”

One of the keys to her success was getting active. She’s a part-time water-aerobics instructor at her local YMCA, teaching classes twice a week. She uses weight machines three times per week and walks every day.

Now, she has increased energy, and her friends can hardly keep up with her.

It’s been a dramatic transformation for Lenora, and she hopes it inspires others to get healthy.

Challenges along the way
Of course, no success story is complete without obstacles. She’s had setbacks, like when she spent some time in the hospital. But the setback was only temporary. According to Lenora, just following the eating plan, plus the support she received, helped her to get back up whenever life knocked her down.

Lenora has a new lease on life, and she has some advice for those trying to adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Get on eDiets and just stick with the program. Everyone is different, and different plans suit different people. Find something that works for you and stick with it.”

And don’t worry if you have an incurable craving for a piece of pie.

“If you must have something you know you shouldn’t eat, take two bites — the first bite tastes exactly the same as the 20th.”

You’re only as old as you feel, and right now, Lenora feels younger than she’s felt in decades. “I just feel great, and so much healthier.”

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