Weight Loss Success Story-Jenni

A change of heart

I have battled with my weight my whole life but then a life-altering event occurred about five years ago: my father passed away from a heart attack! I then was on a mission, at the age of 18 weighing 320lbs, to change my life and get in shape. After a lot of hard work and dedication to working out and eating right, I have lost half of myself and weigh 160lbs!

How Jenni cut her weight in half

I tried some fad diets that just didn’t work for me. Then I tried Diet.com where I found amazing advice and tips from experts and fellow dieters as well as healthy recipe ideas. Also, the community support on the site is truly motivational. It’s better to diet together than alone! The combination of a healthy diet, exercising, and determination helped me accomplish my weight loss. I am a new person inside and out! I still battle daily with keeping it off, but I know that I don’t want to return to that person again!

No longer a wallflower

Being 5′5″ and 320lbs at 18 years old was very embarrassing and diminished my self-confidence. Now that I am 160lbs lighter, I can hold my head up and actually look in the mirror and like what I see. And I can actually date- before I was just “one of the guys.” Now I turn heads which is still hard to get used to. Plus, I take more risks and step out of the comfort zone. Before I would try to be a wallflower, but now I am a go-getter! Losing my weight has helped my self-confidence more than I could ever imagine! I know this is a life change and to keep the weight off is a life-long commitment. Now that I’m healthier, I have more life to live in my new skin! Thank you, Diet.com!

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