Weight Loss Success Story-Jeff

Jeff C. was always a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

When consumed in moderation those foods aren’t detrimental to your diet. But when you’re getting much of your meat and potatoes in the form of fast food double cheeseburgers and fries, you’ll soon find yourself overweight.

The 51-year-old canine behavioral expert from New Jersey says his daily trips to the drive-thru took their toll. Jeff’s weight super-sized to an unhealthy 253 pounds. His blood pressure also ran high… his energy level low.

According to his concerned doctor, Jeff’s lifestyle had put him at risk of a heart attack.

“I had a general feeling of malaise,” he admits in this eDiets exclusive. “I wasn’t myself — it was a struggle.”

“I could feel the blood pounding in my neck. I knew something was wrong and that I had to take control of it or I would lose everything.”

The man who made his living training dogs to live right knew the time to discipline himself. Determined to rise to the occasion and diet right, Jeff turned to eDiets.

Six months later, he’s down an impressive 60 pounds. He weighs a fit and fabulous 193, his waistline has shrunk from 44 to 36 inches, and his blood pressure has plummeted from a scary 165/105 to a healthy 125/74.

Jeff says getting started was the most difficult part. The spark: the sudden death of a client who was the same age and body build.

“It turned out to be easy to diet because I planned it,” Jeff says. “I was focused — I knew what I needed to do. Being a behaviorist, once I get in the mindset to do something, it’s done.”

“Making the initial choice to do it was the hardest part. I had to have some good reasons to do it because I love food so much.”

Jeff still loves food. What’s changed is his eating habits.

At his recent anniversary dinner (a celebration that in the past would have left Jeff gobbling loads of fat and calories) he marked the occasion with a lobster tail, a butterless baked potato with a dollop of sour cream on the side, and a salad with dressing on the side.

Jeff now has his eDiets meal plan down to a science. And that’s a factor he attributes to his continued success. He logs every detail — from weight to portion size — into his personal digital assistant.

“I take copies of the recipes and plug them into MasterCook software. This allows me to change the portions and gives me nutritional information as well,” he says.

“I make a bunch of foods, which I freeze and seal into single-serving portions. It’s all about having choices. When I only have a couple of minutes to eat, I don’t have to think about making something.”

More people gain weight by saying, “I don’t have the time.” They then grab something that tastes good.

Jeff speaks from experience. Between business meetings, it wasn’t uncommon for him to grab a double quarter-pounder hamburger.

But since joining eDiets, he hasn’t fed into that kind of fast food frenzy… not even once. To ward off cravings, he keeps a box of granola bars stashed in his trunk.

Although our slimming superstar had always enjoyed an active lifestyle, there was a depressing period when his extra weight slowed him down. Skiing, bicycling and playing golf sucked up more energy than Jeff had to give.

Thanks to eDiets he’s now back into the swing of things — especially at golf.

“Now when I’m forced to ride in the cart, I tell my playing partner to go ahead so I can walk the course for exercise,” he says.

Jeff has also overcome a past prejudice of diets. He had seen too many friends fail at fads like the low-carb diet.

“I didn’t try too many diets,” he says. “I always said I wasn’t ready to lose weight yet, but when I do watch out.”

Jeff confesses one of his earlier efforts involved the popular weight loss program that utilizes a points system. It didn’t add up to lasting success.

He’s happy and comfortable being an eDiets weight watcher… for life!

Jeff has made great strides but he’s not done yet. Before all is said and done, he plans to drop yet another 13 pounds. His success already shocks his family, friends and business associates.

“They ask, ‘who are you?’ There are clients who haven’t seen me and when I walk in for an appointment, they look at me like I’m a stranger,” Jeff says.

“It’s the same thing when I go to the golf course and I’m waiting for someone to come out who I haven’t seen in awhile. Everyone calls me skinny, which is cool. I carry around a laminated set of the BEFORE and AFTER pictures so people can see the difference.”

There ya have it: Jeff is living proof that it is very possible to teach an old dog expert new tricks!

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