Weight Loss Success Story-Amy

From Frumpy To Fab: Amy Lost 52 lbs

An aspiring eDiets.com success story! Read how Amy lost 52 pounds and how eDiets can help you too!!!

Amy N. believes it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but she didn’t let that philosophy stop her from renovating the outside too by linking up with eDiets.com and dropping a whopping 52 pounds!

Even when she hit her highest weight of 247 pounds during pregnancy, the 28-year-old managed to make the best of things.

Although she sometimes ran out of energy, she wasn’t completely miserable. She had two beautiful children and a loving husband who promised to love her through thick and thin. She could have stayed overweight and been happy, but she didn’t want to run the risk of developing obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and more.

“I had been skinny most of my life before having children,” Amy tells eDiets. “I did remember feeling better physically. I wanted to be healthy and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life worrying about health problems that come from being overweight. I wanted to be able to wear something that made me feel pretty so that I wasn’t turning around and around in front of the mirror to make sure I looked okay.

 ”I’m not really a fan of the idea that fat makes you unhappy. I certainly had less energy and wasn’t always very confident about how I looked. But I personally feel it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I was hoping to make those match.”

And that’s just what the Colorado audiologist did with the help of eDiets. The online weight loss program provided her with the keys to the weight loss kingdom: a personalized meal plan that provided customized shopping lists, recipes and menus, along with 24/7 peer and professional support. Since last November, Amy’s made the transition from 207 to 155 pounds.

By unloading 52 pounds from her 5’10″ figure and dropping from a size 18/20 to a size 10, our super slimmer feels better than ever.

Amy says she’s happier and healthier overall since parting ways with the excess baggage. In addition to feeling better, her confidence level has skyrocketed. Looking back, Amy says she probably wouldn’t have been as successful without the tools provided by eDiets.

“I don’t think I would have been able to stick to it as well,” she says. “It helped to have the structure that the eDiets program provided. I probably could’ve come up with something of my own, but I don’t think it would have been as effective. It would have been easier for me to cheat on myself for one thing. It’s also nice to be able to go online and plug my weight in every week and see the graphs and steps going down, seeing my success that way.”

Amy stumbled upon eDiets last year while searching online for a weight loss solution. One look at the personalized menus and she knew it was the program for her. There was no need for her to eliminate whole groups of food. She wanted to be able to eat a variety of foods… and that’s exactly what she got.

The food filled her up and she discovered plenty of recipes that clicked with her… and her family. Amy would multiply the ingredients by the number of people she was serving. Eating the same good food as her family helped her stay on plan.

“Being able to refer to something that was on paper really helped me take responsibility for what I was doing,” she notes. “It also helps to create a standard to go by later on. I’m now able to create my own meals and determine what the calorie count is for a given amount of food. I know what a serving size looks like, whereas I didn’t really know that before.”

Amy also had to get a grasp on her penchant for emotional eating. She snacked more than she cares to admit. She would graze throughout the day, not realizing how much food she was taking in. Over time, she got a handle on the unhealthy habit.

“That was really sort of victory by identification,” she says. “If I was able to recognize that I had cravings and at the same time recognize that I wasn’t feeling good emotionally, I could finally look at that and say, ‘I have this goal and my goal is more important.’ I’d redirect myself to more important activities and distract myself from what I thought was hunger but was really a way to bury my sorrows for the moment.”

One healthy distraction was her newfound love of water aerobics. Twice a week, she’d attend an hour-long class. Because most of the people were overweight, Amy didn’t feel self-conscious in a bathing suit or out of place around her fellow classmates. Today, she continues to participate in water aerobics. She also enjoys hiking and walking around a lake that’s close to her house, not to mention the exercise she gets chasing around her two small children.

When Amy first started eDiets, she turned to the support boards to distract her from mindless eating. She relied on the communication with her fellow dieters to pass the time, especially when she found herself thinking about food. The strategy proved successful. In addition to the support she received from other members, she also had husband David on her side.

Amy says David was a big piece of her success. Throughout her weight loss journey, he was supportive, congratulating her on even the smallest losses. It was the praise and the progress that kept her on board for the long haul.

“It’s been a good challenge overall,” Amy says. “Even though it was difficult in the beginning, I’d stick to the diet program. They were small victories I built on. I began to feel good early on. It was self-motivating as soon as I began to see pounds coming off.

“I would tell people to make sure they give 100 percent when they decide to lose some weight. You can’t go into it half-heartedly and expect to succeed. You have to be absolutely determined to stick with what you’ve decided to do.”

eDiets knows that taking the first step to manage and control your diet is life-changing … They are there to help you every step of the way. Dieting does not have to be a hard or unfavorable undertaking. With 21 plans to choose from, you customize your choice of diet to your liking.

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