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7 Tips to Cut Down on Sugar

Many of us are overweight because we consume far too much sugar. Here’s 7 tips to reduce your daily sugar intake.

1. Don’t Drink It – Soda isn’t the only drink loaded with sugar. You might be surprised at how much sugar is in sport drinks and fruit juices. Limit the amount of sugar you add to your coffee, tea (including iced tea.)

2. Eat a high protein healthy breakfast. Skip the sugar laden cereals – buy whole grain cereals or better yet eat oatmeal for breakfast. Instead of adding sugar to your cereal – add fresh fruit. Eating a filling healthy breakfast is a great way to PREVENT your sweet tooth from bearing it’s ugly head. :-)

3. Try using real raw honey in place of sugar. You can buy it at health stores or your local farmers market. Note that it’s not sold in regular grocery store chains. You may also be able to find a local bee farm that harvests its own honey. Honey is naturally sweet and has vitamins and nutrients your body needs – unlike sugar that is “empty calories”. NOTE – that honey is sweeter and has more calories – but a little of it can go a long way.

4. Establish Dessert Day – Eat desserts only after dinner. Eat them every other day – or only on week-ends – etc. It’s your choice.

5. Have a Cheat Day – Many “all or nothing” thinkers do well by eliminating sugar for 6 days of the week – On the 7th day they eat whatever sweets they desire.

6. Beware of Artificial Sweeteners – Unfortunately they can increase your sugar cravings. They can also deplete your body’s chromium – which is a nutrient needed for your metabolism to function.

7. Monitor Daily Sugar Intake – Only allow yourself so much sugar each day. Become a sugar detective – Read Labels and know how much sugar you actually consume. You might be surprised to find out just how much sugar ketchup or your favorite salad dressing has

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