The South Beach Diet Review

The SouthBeach Diet is a Low carb/Low fat plan. It’s based on the glycemic index and reduces cravings.

While on the diet you’ll be eating lean meats and proteins in normal size helplings. You eat 3 meals daily plus snacks. You’re encouraged to enjoy good carbs and to avoid bad carbs.

This is a A 3 phase program:

  1. Banishing your cravings – First 2 weeks, restricts fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, alcohol and sugar
  2. Reintroducing carbs – Until your at your desired weight, restricted food is added in limited quantities
  3. Maintenance – Keep the weight off and remain healthy by living by the diets basic rules

Is South Beach Diet Safe and Effective?

You wil lose weight by following this plan. Experts agree that phase one is too restrictive. There is no clinical data on the effectiveness of this diet. However – this low carb diet is widely accepted as being healhier than Atkins.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

Yes. Phase 3 of the program is a maintenance plan. You can eat normal helpings. Add additional carbs into your diet. You will maintain your weight by following the basic principles of the plan.

The Good

  • A sensible low carb diet
  • One of the top 5 diets in the US
  • Registered Dietitians are online
  • Phone registered dietitians regarding your personal needs
  • No portion size limits
  • Healthy approach to eating protein and fat
  • No calorie counting
  • Can lose up to 13 pounds in first two weeks
  • Limited Sweets allowed in phase 2
  • Can dine out
  • Kraft has a line of foods based on this diet

The Bad

  • First 2 weeks requires serious willpower
  • List of foods to enjoy and to avoid
  • Does not have a lot of clinical data to back up its claims

History of the South Beach Diet

Dr. Arthur Agatson created the South Beach Diet in the mid 1990s. He is a cardiologist and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Medical School. His initial goal was to prevent or reverse the numerous heart and vascular problems in his morbidly obese patients. He began researching the origins of insulin resistance diets.

Dr. Agatson offered his diet to numerous heart patients with impressive results. This diet not only focuses on a low carb/low fat diet but also serves as a method to teach us to eat the correct carbs and the correct fats.