Sonoma Diet Review

The Sonoma Diet designed to be a way to eat for life – not just a diet for weight loss.

You’ll be eating low fat protein and dairy products along with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Process foods are not allowed.

You are encouraged to Fill up on the Ten power foods …
Almonds, Bell Peppers, Blueberries, broccoli, Grapes, Olive Oil, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Whole Grains

It’s family friendly …. Your entire family can benefit bey eating the Sonoma way.

You are taught to properly apportion your food on your plate. Use a 7″ plate for breakfast and a 9″ plate for lunch and dinner.

When eating out just remember to eat 25% protein, 25% whole grain and 50% fruits and vegetables.

You are allowed one glass of wine per day

The Sonoma diet is divided into three Waves …

  1. Wave One lasts 10 days and is the most restrictive
  2. Wave Two is the weight loss phase – expect to lose one to two pounds a week
  3. Wave Three is the maintenance plan

What is the history of the Sonoma Diet?

The author of the Sonoma Diet is a registered dietician, Connie Cutterson. She designed this healthy diet because of her memories of her father. He would often drink shakes and forgo normal eating to lose weight.

It was inspired by the Mediterranean diet and named for the Sonoma Valley region in California. Sonoma is well known for its wine industry. The diet is designed to help you learn to enjoy and appreciate food.

Is the Sonoma Diet Safe and Effective?

YES. it is a very balanced and moderate approach to weight loss. It’s Heart Healthy and improves your overall health. Claims to lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. Wave Three is the maintenance phase of the plan. You eat more fruits and vegetables. And are allowed an occasional treat. You still need to follow the basics of the meal plan.

The Good

Mother and children eating healthy – fruit salad (isolated)

  • No weighing or measuring of foods
  • No specialty foods to buy
  • Focuses on balance of healthy foods
  • Recipes state estimate preparation time as well as number of servings
  • Designed by a registered dietician
  • Nutritional Advice from a registered dietician
  • A large community of online support

The Bad

  • If you don’t like to cook, this diet is not for you
  • Preparation of meals can be time consuming
  • Will need to go grocery shopping two or more times a week
  • Some people may find it too rigid
  • You are never allowed white potatoes
  • Difficult to find foods to substitute with
  • Adapting your favorite recipes to this plan may be difficult

Sonoma Diet Summary

The Sonoma Diet is brand new and flavorful weight loss plan that brings together the art and science of flavor and nutrition. It is modeled after the Mediterranean diet. It’s separated into three Waves. With the exception of phase one it is very nutritionally sound. You are encouraged to fill up on Ten power foods. You will need time to shop, prepare and cook fresh foods.