Personality Diet Review

The Personality Diet was designed by Dr. Kushner.  He’s developed a quiz that helps you to determine your eating, exercise and coping styles.

After taking the quiz you receive a customized report that focuses on your personal eating behavior patterns.

When you join you get a customized weight loss program that has been reviewed by a registered dietician.

You’ll also get personalized meal plans, coping strategies and a fitness plan. You’ll have access to tracking tools and can have online consultations with Dr. Kushner and registered dieticians at no extra charge.

You’ll be eating regular food that you purchase from your local grocery store. Your overall diet will provide the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Pretty brunette dropping all the fruit from her hands. Fruit is hanging in midair

The personality diet focuses on changing your lifestyle naturally and gradually which enables you to maintain your weight loss.

The Personality Diet is Safe and Effective.  The diet utilizes the AMA’s Heart healthy guidelines. They partner with physicians and registered dieticians to give you the safest advice possible.

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The Good

  • Identifies your personal eating pattern
  • Specific advice on changing your habits that caused your weight gain
  • Learn coping strategies
  • Focused on nutrition
  • No special foods
  • No restricted foods
  • Practical and easy to follow
  • No costly supplements
  • Boosts your motivation
  • Increases your metabolism

The Bad

  • Promotes several weight loss products
  • Hard to believe there’s only 4 diet types

Who is Diet.Com? is the official website for the Personality Diet authored by Dr. Robert Kushner.

He believes that a successful diet needs to match the dieters personality. It’s a unique and practical approach to weight loss. The Personality Diet test determines your unique challenges in eating and coping.

Dr. Kushner is a well-regarded expert in weight loss. He is the President of the American Board of Nutrition Specialists. He has successfully treated thousands of overweight patients. Dr. Kushner is a noted speaker and has appeared on CNN and Good Morning America.