NutriSystem Diet Review

NutriSystem is a prepackaged / Meal Delivery weight loss program. You can choose from over 140 prepackaged meals.

The meals are nutritionally balanced with 60% carbs, 20% fat and 20% protein. The diet is low in calories and focuses on the “Glycemic Index”.

Nutrisystem offers meal plans for women, men, diabetics and vegetarians. They also have the Silver plan designed for the elderly.

The diet consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. In addition to the prepackaged meals you eat 3 servings of vegetables, 2 to 3 fruits and 2 to 3 dairy products. These additional items must be purchased at your local grocery store – thus increasing your overall meal plan cost.

The food is shelf stable.

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What is the Glycemic Index?


The Glycemic Index measures the quality of carbohydrates. Some carbohydrates break down faster than others.

Bad carbs break down too quickly resulting in a spike in your insulin levels.

Good carbs break down slowly resulting in more stable insulin levels.

Good carbs rate low on the Glycemic Index. You are encouraged to eat these “good carbs” to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your metabolism going strong.

Is NutriSystem Safe and Effective?

Health professionals seem to agree that this diet is nutritionally sound. They see no health related risks by following this program.

According to Business week the average customer remains on the plan for 10 weeks and averages a 2-pound per week weight loss.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

We were unable to find a Maintenance plan. A lot of members seem unclear to what the maintenance plan is. Some Health professionals are concerned that it may be difficult if not impossible to maintain your weight loss once you begin eating real food again.

The Good

  • Membership is free
  • Unlimited counseling
  • Convenient, easy to follow
  • No cooking or planning
  • No counting calories, fat, carbs etc
  • Sensible, balanced diet plan
  • Can have unlimited caffeine
  • A good plan to jump-start weight loss
  • Their commercials feature real people that have successfully lost weight with NutriSystem

The Bad

  • Expense of food may not fit in with every ones budget
  • Maltitol is used as a sugar substitute in the desserts
  • Prepackaged food is not a life long solution
  • It’s easy to gain weight back once you’ve lost it
  • People tend to tire of the foods after a couple months
  • You still need to purchase your vegetables, fruits and dairy products
  • Counselors are not required to be dieticians or health professionals
  • Is not family friendly and can be hard to follow for this reason
  • If you love to cook you will not enjoy this program
  • AVOID the appetite suppressants they sell

NutriSystem Summary

NutriSystem appears to be a great solution if you have less than 20 pounds to lose, and want to lose it quickly. It’s great for someone who likes convenience and does not find joy in cooking. The prepackaged foods are delivered to your door. The diet itself is nutritionally sound. Counseling is available online.

Before you decide which plan is right for you …
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The History of NutriSystem

NutriSystem founder Jay Katz became interested in weight loss to find a permanent solution for his mother. He had watched her lose and gain weight his entire life. He decided to open a brick and mortar business that integrated behavior modification and medical supervision while following a low calorie diet.

The first center was open in 1971. In 1972 he began franchising centers. Nutri System grew at an amazing pace. NutriSystem reached it’s peak in the early 1980s. By 1986 Katz found the company in financial turmoil and sold it.

The new owner, Donald McCulloch was able to somewhat revive the failing company. In 1997 all weight loss centers were closed. The company’s focus was to build an Internet based business. launched in 1999. Nutri System was sold again in 2002. The current food line NutriSystem Nourish was introduced in 2003.