Mens Health Trainer Diet Review

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Mens Health Trainer is the ultimate weight loss and workout program for men. The experts of the Mens Health Magazine created this program. No one understands the unique needs of men more than Mens Health.

Men when you follow this program you can sculpt your body and manage every aspect of your progress.

When you visit Mens Health Personal Trainer you will take a short test to determine your current fitness level. You are asked questions to determine a meal plan and workout plan designed just for you.

You have your choice of 4 easy to follow food plans:

  • The Belly-Off Diet: Focus is on weight loss. You’ll be eating the right nutrients at the right time. Feel full and minimize cravings.
  • The Abs Diet: Focus is on burning fat. You’ll eat three meals and three snacks focused on keeping your metabolism revved up and burning fat.
  • The Testosterone Advantage Diet: Focus is on muscle building and fat loss. Your diet will consist of the foods you love … high quality protein, fats and carbs.
  • The Endurance Athlete’s Diet: Based on the traditional food pyramid. The meals are high car, low fat, with moderate protein.

You simply keep your food and workout logs. The program automatically updates your meals and workout plan based on what you’ve ate and how much you’ve trained.

You’ll also get video tutorial to ensure you have the proper form while working out. You can easily download them on your iPod and take them with you.

Rather you want to build muscle or improve endurance, Mens Health Fitness Trainer is there to help you every step of the way. This is a complete fitness and nutritional program designed to fit your body and your goals.

History of Men’s Health Trainer

Mens Health magazine began in the United States in 1987. It’s published ten times a year. In 1995 the UK edition was launched. It’s distributed to 48 countries.

In their goal to provide health and fitness to all men Mens Health Personal Trainer was built just for you. It was created to meet you right where you’re at now and to guide you to your desired fitness level and goals.

Is it Safe and Effective?

YES.You’ll be eating nutritious meals and snacks.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. You can continue to follow the program on line. Remember Mens Health Trainer helps you to make a ifestyle change.

The Good

  • Customized exercise plan
  • Compensates for injuries/illness
  • Printable routines to take to the gym
  • Video demonstrations of workouts
  • Communicate with a trainer
  • Communicate with other members via online forums
  • Constantly updates goals according to your needs
  • Online tools and trackers
  • Recipes, shopping lists and printable meal plans
  • Personalized nutrition program based on your dietary preferences
  • 10 Day Free Trial<

The Bad

  • Nothing that we could find

Summary of Mens Health Trainer

Are you ready to shape and sculpt the solid body you’ve always wanted?

If you answered yes the Mens Health Trainer is for you. You’ll get a customized meal plan based on your muscle building and/or weight loss goals. You’ll also get a workout plan tailored just for you. Watch the videos assure proper form; you can even download them on your iPod and take them with you!
The experts at Mens Health knows your not perfect and doesn’t expect you to be. That’s why they the program is designed to automatically adjust when you’ve ate the wrong foods, skipped meals or workouts. It also adjusts to a more advanced workout and meal plan as you get stronger and healthier.