Jenny Craig Diet Review

What is the Jenny Cuisine Program?

Jenny Craig offers a nutritionally balanced meal plan based on the USDA food guide.

The meal plan consists of prepackaged meals you can purchase from Jenny Craig centers. You will also be required to purchase fruits, vegetables and dairy products from your local grocery store.

You receive shelf-stable prepackaged meals. Your diet consists of 50 – 60% carbs, 20 – 30% protein and 20% fat.

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Jenny  Craig  claims it’s focus is on a healthy body and mind. While on the plan it is reccomended that you visit your local center once a week for a weigh in and a consultation – which is also available per telephone.

You are taught healthy eating behaviors and dining out strategies.

Is Jenny Craig diet Safe and Effective?

YES. The plan was designed by a panel of registered dieticians and medical experts and follows the USDA guidelines.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. When you are half way to your goal weight you begin incorporating more store bought food into your plan. You are taught long term weight management lifestyle changes.

The Good

  • Plan your meals to match your personal taste
  • Meals are easy to prepare – no cooking
  • Newsletter and tips
  • 6 plans to choose from
  • One on one consultations
  • Fits into the busiest lifestyles
  • Teaches behavior skills
  • Weekly one on one consultations
  • No counting calories

The Bad

  • Membership fee based on your choice of plans
  • Expensive! – some members have racked up thousands of dollars in expense
  • Prepackaged foods may become boring
  • Must purchase their food
  • Still need to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy at your local grocery store
  • Consultants are sales people – not trained medical professionals
  • Consultants are not required to be nutritionists or dieticians
  • Eating differently than other household members

The History of Jenny Craig

Jenny and her husband Sid founded the Jenny Craig Weight Loss centers in 1983. The first center was in Australia. Jenny was inspired by her own successful weight loss. Her company offers a prepackaged meal plan with one on one counseling to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

It is one of the largest weight loss companies in the world. It offers a proved program for weight loss and personal well-being. The home office is located in Carlsbad, California. The franchise has outlets in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.