French Women Dont Get Fat Diet Review

 French Women Dont Get Fat  is a sensible approach to weight loss and maintenance. It embraces the non-diet mindset.

There are no restrictions on this diet.

You are taught to eat quality foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, proteins, breads, and low fat dairy.

You are allowed to drink wine and have treats such as chocolate.

The key is “everything is allowed in moderation”. It’s about eating the correct portion sizes. Not eating until you’re stuffed. Eat slowly. The first and second bites of food taste the best. Enjoy your food one bite at a time.

The plan encourages you to eat three meals a day, drink water and increase your activity level.

Why does this French Women Don’t Get Fat work?

Because there’s no deprivation involved. You never have to feel guilty about eating. It’s a gradual lifestyle change that teaches you to enjoy food – not obsess over it.

Once you learn to slow down and enjoy great food, you will give your stomach the twenty or so minutes it needs to signal the brain “That was delicious, but now I’m full”.

Is it Safe and Effective?

YES. You’re eating real whole foods.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. French Women Dont Get Fat teaches you LIFESTYLE changes that you can easily stick to in the long run.

The Good

  • Teaches gradual lifestyle changes
  • Customized to your individual tasts
  • You’re never hungry
  • Enjoy Bread, Cheese and Wine without guilt
  • Food is purchased as at your local grocery store
  • Eat real fresh fruit, meats and vegetables
  • No restrictions
  • No forbidden foods
  • No counting carbs, calories etc
  • Enjoy every meal and lose weight

The Bad

  • Cooking is required (Home cooked is always the best)
  • For women only

History of French Women Dont Get Fat

French Women Dont Get Fat is a best-selling book written by Mureille Guilano. Mureille is CEO and president of Veuve Clicquot Champagne Company until she retired on January 1, 2007.

As a teenager Mureille came to America as an exchange student. Due to eating cookies, brownies and large portions of food, she returned to France a year later 20 pounds heavier. She was depressed about her weight and continued to gain for about another year.

Her family physician whom she calls “Dr. Miracle” reintroduced her to the time honored secrets of the French women diet. His advice led her to lose the weight and keep it off for 30 years. It’s interesting to note that Mureille eats out about 300 times a year and drinks champagne and wine daily – as part of her job.

French women have less than 11% obesity rate compared to America’s 30% and growing – which says something about the French Women diet. Mureille states this is because “”French women think about good things to eat; American women typically worry about bad things to eat”