eDiets Review

While following eDiets you will eat foods from all food groups. You’ll only eat foods that you like. The plan is flexible.  You can dine out, eat fast food or frozen meals and of course enjoy a home cooked meal.

eDiets is customized to your personal preferences. You have the option to change any meal or snack to fit your individual likes and dislikes. In addition you can substitute items for other items. For instance if you don’t like blueberries, you can substitute a fruit that you do like.

eDiets also offers a fitness tracker and has video tutorials of numerous exercises. Enter your fitness level and choose which days you will do cardio and which days you will do strength training.

Choose from a variety of plans.  With eDiets you have freedom. If one plan is not working for you, then change plans with just a click of your mouse.

In addition to the original weight loss program, eDiets offers the following diet plans:

  • Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life™
  • Cholesterol Lowering Plan
  • Glycemic Diet™
  • Healthy Soy Plan
  • Heart Smart Plan
  • High-Fiber Plan
  • Hypoglycemic / Low-Sugar Plan
  • Lactose-Free Plan
  • Living with Diabetes Plan
  • Low-Fat Plan
  • Low-Sodium Plan
  • Mediterranean Diet™
  • Seasonal Diet
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • Wheat-Free Meal Plan

Is eDiets Safe and Effective?

YES. Weight loss plan was developed by a registered dietitian. It is one of the most successful diet and weight loss sites on the Web.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. You receive advice and support Every Step of the Way!

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The Good

  • Variety of food choices from ALL food groups
  • Customized to your individual preferences
  • Offers over 20 plans
  • Can switch between plans any time
  • Offers a Mentor program
  • Over 80 Active forums
  • Weight, fitness and nutritional tracking tools
  • Online journal
  • Print and Go shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • You are not required to buy their food
  • Your diet fits your lifestyle
  • Online Meetings
  • Articles and Videos to help you succeed
  • 1 on 1 fitness consultations
  • 1 on 1 nutrition consultations via Phone or eMail

The Bad

  • Multiple ads on site
  • With so many choices website can seem overwhelming
  • Early termination fee
  • Does not offer a trial membership

The History of eDiets.com

eDiets.com was one of the first nutritionally based weight loss programs online.

eDiets was originally a low fat weight loss plan based on the American dietetic Association recommendations. It has earned several awards over the years including, Boston Globe “Best of the Web.” It has also been featured on The Early Show.

Their online advisers are doctors, nutritionists and psychologists to bring you the best possible advice.