Change One Diet Review

Woman being tempted to take the not to healthy bun or the fruit

The Change One Diet program is a way of eating healthy for life.

The plan helps you to develop positive healthy habits so you will never have to diet again.

This is a 12-week plan. Each week you will learn how to change one eating habit.

The list below shows you what habit each week focuses on:

  1. Learn how to eat a healthy Breakfast
  2. Learn how to eat a sensible Lunch, whether at home, dining out or brown-bagging
  3. Learn how to control your Snacks
  4. Learn to savor your Dinner
  5. Practice simple ordering strategies while Dining Out
  6. Learn techniques to handle Weekends and Holidays
  7. Learn how to Fix Your Kitchen so you don’t undermine your weight loss
  8. Assess your progress in How Am I Doing?
  9. Learn coping mechanisms for Stress Relief
  10. Feel great while Staying Active for Success
  11. Build a self-monitoring system to Keep on Track
  12. Eat great tasting food while maintaining your loss in Banish Boredom

Is the Change One plan Safe and Effective?

Yes. You eat nutritional balanced meals. Following this plan encourages lifestyle changes.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

Yes. From the start of this program you learn the necessary skills to lose and maintain your weight for life.

The Good

  • Teaches portion control

    Woman making her decision about diet.

  • Easy to learn what a portion is
  • Slow behavior changes
  • Easy to follow
  • Eat from all food groups
  • Doesn’t restrict carbs
  • Allows flexibility
  • No calorie counting

The Bad

  • No immediate weight loss
  • Slow and gradual weight loss

The History of the Change One Diet

The ChangeOne Diet was created by Readers Digest. Readers Digest utilized the country’s finest nutritionists and dietary specialists to create this plan. The Readers Digest diet is a totally new plan that focuses on one simple change each week. By changing your habits one step at a time, you can and will win the weight loss battle.