Fad Diets

Medifast Diet Review

While following this plan you will be replacing 5 meals per day with a meal replacement product. You will also eat 1 “lean and green” meal per day which consists of lean meat and vegetables. You’ll never get hungry while following this plan as you will be eating every two to three hours. Medifast meal replacement products consist of shakes, ...

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Blood Type Diet Review

Eat right for your blood type – The Blood Type Diet. Is based on the belief that your blood type determines what types of foods you can eat for optimal health. Please note that there is no scientific proof to support this theory. Depending on your blood type you will receive 3 lists of foods … Beneficial foods Neutral foods ...

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Mayo Clinic Diet Review

The Mayo Clinic Diet lasts 3 or 7 days. You’ll find several variations of this fad diet out there. Most of them include lots of protein, a few vegetables, lots and lots of grapefruit. This diet is also known as the grapefruit diet. There is no proof that grapefruit encourages weight loss. It’s important to note that the Mayo Clinic ...

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