Blood Type Diet Review

Eat right for your blood type – The Blood Type Diet. Is based on the belief that your blood type determines what types of foods you can eat for optimal health.

Please note that there is no scientific proof to support this theory.

Depending on your blood type you will receive 3 lists of foods …

  • Beneficial foods
  • Neutral foods
  • Foods to avoid.

There seems to be an abundance of foods to avoid which can make this diet almost impossible to live with. Surprisingly, fruits and vegetables even show up on the “foods to avoid” list.

There’s no calorie counting or portioning. Just choose foods from the “beneficial” list most often.

Blood Type O
(This is the most common of the blood types)
Eat: Animal protein, lean, organic meats, fish, limited
amount of grains. It’s basically a low carb diet.
Avoid: Ice Cream, dairy, wheat products, avocados, Brazil nuts, oranges
Exercise:Frequent aerobic

Blood Type A
Eat: Low fat vegetarian, high carb, and lots of grain, fish
Avoid: Red meat, dairy. Pistachios
Exercise: Light, also suggests you meditate often

Blood Type B
Eat: Variety of foods including dairy and grains, lots of fruits and vegetables
Avoid: Chicken, bacon, and ketchup
Exercise: Moderate walking or swimming

Blood Type AB
Combines eating and exercise patterns from both types A and B.

Is the Blood Type Diet Safe and Effective?

Debatable: It partially depends on what your blood type is. Some blood types eliminate nutritionally sound foods without reason.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

The author promotes that you follow this plan for life for optimal good health.

The Good

  • Focus is on natural, fresh foods
  • Limits processed and refined foods
  • Raises awareness of your body’s responses to certain foods
  • No counting calories
  • No portioning or measuring.

The Bad

  • Restricts certain foods and food groups
  • Complicated to follow
  • Must micro-manage your diet
  • No scientific evidence
  • Not practical for family members with different blood types
  • Must cook from scratch
  • Difficult to dine out
  • Can be expensive to maintain

History of the Blood Type Diet

Peter D’Adamo, ND the author of Eat Right 4 Your Type is a noted naturopath. He spent over 20 years researching the connection between blood types, food and disease.

In 1990 the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians named Peter D’Adamo Physician of the Year.

In February 1991 Preventative Care named him Clinician of the Month.

He is the founder and editor of “The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine.”

According D’Adamo the Blood Type Diet is not just for weight loss. It promotes overall good health and can assist with allergies, infections, and reduce risk of certain diseases.