6 Week Body Makeover Review

Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover is a complete food and exercise plan customized to your body type. Exercise is targeted to your specific problem areas. Diet is based on the belief of eating and combing certain foods at certain times of the day increases your metabolism. The plan does require planning and discipline.

The 6 week body makeover is a low calorie weight loss plan.

You take a test that determines your body type.

You eat 6 meals a day. Foods from all food groups are eaten. Depending upon your body type you eat a certain combination of foods. Exercises are also tailored to your body type/shape.

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What will I get when I order the program?

    • Questionnaire to determine your body type
    • Step by Step booklet
    • Blueprint cards for your body type
    • Dining out guide
    • Menu recipe cards
    • Body sculpting video
    • Body sculpting resistance band
    • 3 audio cassettes
    • 24/7 support via an 800 number

Is the 6-Week Body Makeover Safe and Effective?

YES. The diet offers a balanced nutritional diet. Most people lose weight if they striclty follow this program.

Is there a Maintenance Plan?

YES. The plan provides three choices to live a lean healthy life.

The Good

  • Customized to your individual body type
  • Teaches you how to use food to increase your metabolism
  • You are never hungry
  • No point or calorie counting
  • Food is purchased at your local grocery store
  • Eat real fresh fruit, meats and vegetables
  • Don’t have to eat foods you don’t like
  • Money back guarantee

The Bad

  • VERY restrictive
  • Too complex for some people
  • May not be enough salt/sodium for you
  • May not be enough fat for you
  • Planning meals is time consuming
  • Eating 6 meals a day may not fit in your schedule
  • Hard to follow plan while dining out
  • Diet may become dull and boring
  • No scientific proof
  • No professional support
  • Does not teach behavior skills

If you do decide to try Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover …
Be sure to buy Creative Cooking & Recipes for some great meals you can eat while on your plan!

There is no scientific proof that eating certain types of foods at certain times encourages weight loss. Many people do lose weight while following the 6-week body makeover. But this may be due to the fact that they are consuming fewer calories and exercising more.

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History of the 6 Week Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond developed the 6 Week Body Makeover. He was a fat child. His parents put him on a medically supervised weight loss program at the age of 11. The diet was not successful. Michael struggled with his weight and his body shape during his formative years.

While on an aircraft headed for Vietnam, 17-year-old Thurmond met a fellow soldier, Bugsy a body builder from Brooklyn. Bugsy had the type of body Michael had always dreamed of. The two became friends. Thurmond began training with Bugsy and learned the art of sculpting your body. He then learned which foods helped him to lose weight and what foods made him gain.

Michael Thurmond then spent years seeking information to refine his program. Then some neighborhood children asked him to help them makeover their bodies. He gladly helped them. Soon more and more people came to Michael seeking results. The 6 Week Body Makeover was born in 1985.

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