5 Factor Diet Review

The 5 Factor Diet was first developed as a celebrity diet. They needed a diet plan that was easy to follow with exercise guidelines that could work in a busy schedule. The 5 Factor diet became popular as even regular people could lose weight and stick to the plan no matter how busy they were.

As you have probably guessed, everything revolves around the number five. The 5 Factor Diet is meant to be followed for five weeks at a time. There are five meals each day; five work-out days each week and five essential criteria for each meal that you eat.

What can I eat?

The five criteria for each meal on the 5 Factor Diet is to include:

  1. Low glycemic index carbohydrates
  2. Low fat protein
  3. Healthy fat
  4. Fiber
  5. No sugar beverage

There are three meals and two snacks per day. For the busy person there are several five ingredient recipes that can be prepared in no time. Overall, this seems like quite a healthy diet and more of a way of life.

How much weight can I lose?
There are no weight loss guidelines. It all depends on how well you follow the plan. But, the assumption is that you lose weight as long as you are satisfied, given a cheat day and you add physical activity.

Does the plan stress exercise of any kind?
The diet plan does stress exercise so it is a pro for this diet. Along the factor of five lines, you are asked to complete 25 minutes of exercise five days a week. The time can be done all at once if you have the time or broken up into smaller increments. There are fitness recommendations for five minute bursts of activity in the book.

The Good

Fits in a busy lifestyle

  • Food can be prepared in blenders, toaster ovens an microwaves
  • Each meal includes food from each food group
  • Stresses easting carbohydrates that promote steady blood sugar
  • There’s a cheat day built into the program
  • Hundreds of sample meal plans

The Bad

  • It can be difficult to exercise five days a week

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